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Lord Brougham, a former Lord Chancellor of England is the person that is credited with "inventing" Cannes when he was detained there while on a trip to Italy in 1834, because an order prevented him from crossing the Var River to Nice. He liked the place so much that he built an Italianate villa on a hill jut outside the town and persuaded his friends to live there. His friends enjoyed the winters because the climate was so mild. Other of his friends built homes and the village later became a town.

Forty-five years later Cannes acquired many spacious villa almost fifty hotels and a had a very good thriving market in house-and-estate building. On the hundreth birthday of Cannes the citizen had made a statue of Lord Brougham and celebrated with a week of festivities. Important members of Queen Victoria's court visited for some of the holidays. When these people arived the citizens of Cannes would stop practicing some of their costumes such as carrying the dead uncovered through the street for burial.

The Film Festival

As time past more and more people became attracted to Cannes. Famous stars of the 30's came and decided to make a film festival in 1938. But it wasn't officially done until 1946. Internationalism and postwar optimism characterized the first festival. In later years the selection of entries for prizes reflected more commercial interests and the festival soon acquired its current reputation as a fashionable professional event. By this time the festival was more concerned with the advancing the film industry that the art of film. Francois Truffaut addressed these issues in 1956 and the festival was almost destroyed. The festival survived. In 1959, Traffaut was awarded the prize for best screenplay for Les Quatre Cent Coups or The Four hundred Blows. Despite...