Lord Of Da Flies (baaad Movie Comparison)

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A Comparison of the two versions of "˜Lord of the flies' focusing on the scene of Piggy's death In this essay I will be comparing the differences and similarities of the two film versions of "˜Lord of the flies' and I will be interpreting the effect the y have on an audience. The scene I will be focusing my essay on will be one of the main scenes, which change the rest of the book. In this scene Piggy is brutally murdered by Roger who pushes a great boulder on Piggy crushing him and killing him instantly. This scene carries on for almost the whole of chapter 11 as it is such an important scene full of William Golding's special describing technique, which allows readers to recognize and visualise clearly what happened. After this brutal murder no one in Jack's savage group felt any remorse, especially Roger. In the process of Piggy's murder the conch was violently smashed to pieces symbolising the collapse of civilization and order.

Chaos ruled, all except Ralph had turned into savages. After this episode, was the only time that the group as a whole intentionally wanted to kill. William Golding made this scene very tense as he makes Ralph & Jack say short insults to each other which enthrals the audience. Piggy's death also astonishes the audience as he is killed while he is making a speech about how all of them should be grouping together to survive and as he is saying this a great boulder is forced upon him showing that the group had forgotten completely about civilization and how they were meant to be behaving.

When changing the form of media from written, where the reader has to visualise the scene themselves, to a movie where everything is clarified...