Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding This is a great book in that it teaches the reader alot about the nature of man. I firmly believe that anyone, pushed to the proper extremes, can lose themselves and become a savage-and this story goes a long way in supporting my view. The story starts out with a classroom, all boys, on a plane toward their yearly field trip. The plane runs into some turbulance and crashes into the ocean, parrallel to a deserted jungle island. The few survivors quickly swim to the island for their salvation and soon discover that all the adults had died in the crash. Only boys survived, and the island they soon found out was completely void of any inhabitants. Ralph, the main character, meets up with a large boy named Piggy in the middle of the jungle and they both agree that in order for them to survive they must have some kind of law.

They find an enormous conch shell on the beach, Piggy gives it a toot in order to summon the rest of the boys. They all assemble and hold elections for who would meet which needs for their proposed community. Ralph is elected the leader, and he assigned the choir, led by Jack, to be the hunters. It's decided that they should send a party on an expedition around the island to see what they had to work with, so Ralph, Jack, and Simon set off.

The explorers soon get back and a meeting is held. They explain that although the island is deserted, there's plenty of fruits and vegetation to keep them alive; in addition to Jack and the hunters' promise to supply meat. It's also during this meeting that Ralph makes a rule that whoever is in possession of...