"The Lord of the Flies"

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Lord of the Flies

By: Wiliam Golding

Main Character Description

Piggy: A large kid, one of the older ones. He was made fun of and teased about his weight and it drove him crazy. He met Ralph first. Piggy wore glasses, which later proved vital for fire making. The best way to get to Piggy was to take away his "specs" because without them, he couldn't see a foot away from anything. He is later killed in the book. He falls fourty feet onto solid rock and his head splits open.

Ralph: Ralph is chief of the group on the very first day. He was voted above Jack and his small band of kids. Ralph is one of the oldest. He first meets Piggy and was the original founder of the Conch Horn. Ralph comes up with many useful ideas during the novel, like the shelters on the beach. He is hunted right before they are rescued.

Jack: Has his own band of kids that he later names, his "hunters." In the group, they are responsible for the hunting of the pigs of the island; to bring in meat. Otherwise, the only thing they had to eat was the fruit of the island. Later on in the novel, Jack leaves the group of kids to be on his own.

Simon: Quiet, out-spoken by everyone, Simon is one of the hardest-working of them all. He helps Ralph with the shelters and the little ones with fruit. He is later killed in the novel.

Sam 'n Eric: Sam and Eric are twins. They help in various problems during the novel and survive until the end of the novel. Neither of them play a vital role in the novel.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1- In the first chapter, the time is right after the...