Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the FliesLord of the Flies is a novel about what might happen if a group of kids are stranded on a deserted island. The kids in the book turn into savages. They become bloodthirsty and they acquire the instinct to kill. However, that?s just one of the two groups on the island. The other group, which was a lot smaller, was a more civilized group that was determined and had hope that they would soon be rescued. This group was lead by Ralph.

Ralph was the original leader of all the kids on the island before they got separated. Ralph was the ?good-guy? in the book. He had hope that they would be rescued. Ralph didn?t turn savage and kept his will as a normal, civilized human being. Ralph?s only companions in the book were Piggy and Simon. This shows how unpopular the non-savage group was. However, these 3 were the only people on the island that had some common sense and didn?t turn into a bunch of animals.

Towards the beginning of the book, Ralph comes up with the idea that they should have a fire to be a signal to helicopters/airplanes that there were people stranded on the island. The fire needed to be watched constantly so it wouldn?t be blown out. A couple days after the fire was set, Ralph saw a helicopter pass by. Ralph thought they were saved because the helicopter couldn?t have missed the fire they made. However, it turns out that the kids that were supposed to be watching the fire went hunting with Jack. This makes Ralph very angry because they didn?t follow the rules, and also they could?ve been saved. At this point of the book, the island gets separated into Jack and Ralph?s group.

It was obvious...