Lord of the Flies

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Throughout the story Lord of the Flies By William Golding the purpose was to show true human nature. Though there were a lot of characters in the story there was one there to be a more, something like a spiritual figure. That person was Simon. While jack and Ralph were at each other neck in the prime of the savagery Simon was there not acting out of the conditioning of the island but by his own morally good. His actions in the book often marked Jesus.

Simon embodies a kind of innate, spiritual human goodness that unlike many of the other boys. In many of the insights into Simons being you also se he was very connected with nature . Unlike the other boys Simon does not abandon moral behavior now that civilation no longer demands that of them. Simon acts kind threw out the whole story he does this not out of guilt or anything close to the matter but just because he believes simple that is how one should act.

Simon act no point seems to go the other way in acting out as the other boys do. I think by doing many of the things in the story they are shown as sins anything not morally right are sins and Simon not doing anything unmoral has done no sin I think that is another hint or clue as showing him as a Jesus in a since. Another way in which they portray Simon as Jesus was to show him enjoying and doing many of the things we already known from common knowledge about Jesus One of those things being the building of the huts. Simon is one of the only boys willing to build huts. Just as Jesus built huts so did Simon. In other ways that help Simon fit the charter more they had him often go off during free time to just enjoy and think about the life and goals around him, or should I say sit in thought. In the bible it would often talk or meson when Jesus would go off into places to sit in thought about what was to come of him later in life.

This was one of the last things that the book did and most disturbing way they help to portray Simon as Jesus and that was his death. I think the death of Simon is portrayed just like Jesus on the cross but just in a different way. The way they did it was by having the boys turn against him, just as they did to Jesus.

I enjoyed this book to new heights and the reason for me picking this topic out of all the essay topics is because Simon was truly my favorite charter. Threw his good moral standards, his actions and death. The author of this story portrayed him as Jesus.