Lord Of The Flies

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"The Lord of the Flies" 1)Character analysis- 1)Ralph was 12 years old in the book and was the leader through out most of the novel. The book describes him as being dressed as a typical school boy in uniform.

2)Jack is one of the older boys and about Ralph's age. He starts out being the leader of the boys choir but ends up being the leader of the hunters.

3)Piggy is younger than Ralph and Jack and was considered to be the weak boy in the group because he was fat and had asthma.

4)Simon is the saint of the story. He is kind, caring and sincere.

2) Introduction setting- The story took place on a island during WW2. Since the island had no rules this gave the boy an opportunity to run wild and do what ever they wanted to do.

3)Rising action- The rising action starts in the middle of the 2nd chapter where the boys attempt to make a signal fire but it goes out of control.

One of the boys then gets lost. After this order is lost and everyone acts as they please.

4)Climax- The climax occurs when order is completely lost, the conch is crushed, and Piggy is killed. Then Jack takes over the group.

5) Falling Action- The brief period between the time where jack takes over and the officers arrive.

6)Conclusion- The jungle catches fire and a naval ship spots the smoke. An officer comes on shore just as Ralph is being hunted by the other boys and all are rescued and taken back home.

7) Point of view- Golding tries to teach us and warn us of the evil nature of mankind. He says through the book that we are evil and that it is only society that keeps us from committing crimes.

8)Conflict social physical/ psychological fate- The physical conflict was that two of them died. The psychological fate was that they thought that the were never going back home.