Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel, Lord of the Flies, there are two main characters, and each character represents different types of people in the world. Ralph, the democratic character, and Jack, the dictator type of character, are the most important main characters. Ralph is the voice of hope on the island, and without that voice, the boys would have turned to savagery much faster under the control of Jack. William Golding uses Ralph and his mirror character, Jack, to show how civilization operates and how it doesn't operate. Jack, the chief of the hunters, represents the hidden human passion and almost animal cruelty within all humans. Ralph, who represents human common sense, shows the value of order and civilization. As the book progresses, both characters begin to develop conflicts against each other and themselves which allegorically reflects and presents, to all readers, the true human nature at heart.

The story, Lord of the Flies, is an allegory.

This means that the characters, events and settings represent deeper truths or generalizations then those suggested by the surface story presented. Jack is the dictator who uses force to show his thoughts and feelings.

Therefore he represents the destructive side of man. He is the type of person who would rather have fun and gratification over work. On the other hand, Ralph is the believer in democracy and fairness. The boys on the island, allegorically show what the human civilization is like.

Ralph stands for order and conduct of society, he is the voice of hope, and a responsible type of person. Each chapter begins with order, which means that Ralph has control. Ralph uses the conch to represent order and the right to speak. By the end of each chapter there is no order and usually chaos follows, this shows that evil...