Lord Of The Flies

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The hunters desire for meat causes them to neglect their responsibilities such as maintaining the fire, building huts, getting water, etc… What is significant about the fact that they put the hunt above all else is that they end up having to stay on the island longer then they had to because they neglected to do things that were more important like not watching the fire, not building good huts to live in, and not keeping order and civil ways on the island.

The desire for meat causes them to neglect their responsibilities. One example of this is how Jack is supposed to watch the fire they have built and make sure it does not get put out. The fire was acting as a signal to show that they were down there. With the smoke someone could have seen them and came to rescue them. Instead Jack gathers up his choir and goes hunting for food.

This shows that to Jack, hunting was more important then leaving the island.

Another example of the desire for meat making them neglect their responsibilities to everyone else on the island is when they are debating over whether to build huts or hunt for food. Jack and his "hunters" said that it is better to hunt for food then waste time building huts. They eventually went to another part of the island because of their disagreement and separated the kids into two groups.

Their yearning desire for food makes them go crazy and not respect each other. Jack warps the kid's minds and tells them to join his group of naked little kids running around killing pigs. They neglect the fact that they have to try and be rescued from the island. They end up killing two people and turning themselves into savages.

In the end, their need for meat and hunting causes them to forget the one thing they really wanted in the beginning…to be rescued. They neglect the fire and their living conditions. They even forgot how to act civilized. The desire for meat made them crazy and made themselves have to stay longer on the island then they needed to.