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Lord of the Flies, by William Golding tells the story of a group of boys' adventure on a remote island during a war. In the Exposition, two boys named Ralph, and a chubby one nicknamed Piggy meet each other and discuss how they arrive on the island, as they mention how they are shot down flying in a British plane. After some time passes, Ralph and Piggy find an alluring, cream-colored conch resting on the beach. Ralph blows on the conch, creating a deep hum that echoes throughout the island, which attracts a group of choir boys dressed in black robes to come and meet Ralph and Piggy. Jack, the leader of the choir, is twelve years old, while the rest of the boys are between six and twelve. The boys decide to elect a leader of the group. Even though the choir boys vote for Jack, Ralph wins the overall vote, but still makes Jake in charge of hunting,

The Rising Action commences after the boys explore the island and decide to light a fire for a smoke signal.

The group of boys successfully light the fire, but do little to properly control it, resulting in the flames spreading aggressively and taking the life of one of the boys. Later on, Ralph urges the boys to keep the fire going and to build huts for shelter, but is never successful, as the younger boys are interested in playing games, and Jack and the rest are engrossed in hunting. Several days later, a ship passes the island when their fire and smoke signal are out, aggravating Ralph, as it is the rest of the boys' responsibility to maintain it. Blowing the conch, Ralph calls an assembly and blames the rest of the...