Lord of the flies

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Lord of the flies movie review

The movie was the adaptation of the book and was produced in 1963. Overall the movie remained quite close to the book except for a few changes and some events missing out. It shows humanity at it's worst, and uses young children to get it's point across.

The theme of civilization was brought out very clearly while savagery and brutality was expressed as demoniacal. Main characters Jack, Ralph and Piggy's personalities were put forth very distinctly. Jack representing immaturity, Ralph civil and order and Piggy as the weaker party. On the other hand, Simon who was sculpted as a Christ-like figure was not expressed enough as he did not have many lines and solo scenes with the pig head.

One of the major events that were being left out was when the dead parachutist was mistaken as the beast by Sam and Eric.

Even though the movie showed the reaction of the boys, the main part was being taken out. Another main event that was taken out was the re-election of the tribe when Jack left.

The dead parachutist being mistaken as the beast was a huge changing point in the whole flow of the story. Ever since the first little boy showed his fear towards possible beast, snakes or ghosts, the whole atmosphere of the group changed tremendously. The movie missing out this part made it very hard for viewer who had not seen this book to understand and to relate to future events that followed. It seemed like the transition from civilization and unity to separation and discrepancy between Jack and Ralph was missing. The beast in the movie represented great horror and fright and played an important part in Simon's death. The idea of Simon being misunderstood as the...