Lord of the flies

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Lord of the Flies

Chapter 1 Sound of a Shell

Vocabulary: Lagoon - a small fresh water lake near a larger lake or river (9); Foliage - plant leaves, collectively. (9)

Summary: Ralph and Piggy are the survivors of a plane crash and now they are stuck on an island. They talk to each other and go out for a swim. While on the island, Piggy finds a conch (shell) and explains to Ralph was the conch does and how to use it. They blow the conch and people arrive. Ralph is considered leader. Ralph, Simon and Jack go on and explore the island.

Analysis: In Chapter 1, the author highlights the characters and their attitude in the story. Ralph can be related to Napoleon in Animal Farm, because he has some leadership qualities and making sure everyone safe etc. "Taking their cue from the innocent Johnny, they sat down on the fallen palm trunks and waited.

Ralph continued to blow……" The reader can tell that the person is leader, because he's making the people come. Jack can be also compared to Jones (one of the humans) because he wants to be leader of the kids and the island like in Animal Farm, Jones want to take over the take over the farm. Piggy on the other hand is just a survivor. He cares about his own self and about finding a way to escape or free himself from the island. That tells you Piggy is selfish because he only cares about himself.

Analysis: Compare to HTRLLAP: Chapter 12 - Is That a Symbol? To LOTF Chapter 1: The Sound of the Shell: The author makes the reader convey in the beginning of the book had some symbolization. The conch they had found was a very valuable thing...