Lord of the Flies

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Concussions have been occurring more and more in sports today due to the physical contact and brutal hits the athletes take. The coaches and athletes feel pressure to keep going after they feel a "buzz" occur during a game or sport. Brain injuries kill more children under the age of 20 than any other cause combined; about 300,000 athletes suffer from concussions every year. Doctors are finding more long term effects from many concussions or brain traumas in athletes from previous injuries. There should be more precautions in place for head injuries (concussions) in sports and physical activity because there is no way of telling if a person has a concussion. There are additional safety precautions that can be taken, and more is needed to help prevent long term damage.

There needs to be more precautions in knowing if an athlete has a concussion or not when they get hit.

Most people do not think they have a concussion when they get hit in the head in a game or activity. In sports, they have been establishing rules. If a player get hit in the head, they need to go out and be examined by a trainer or doctor before they go back in. Some people will argue that there is no way of telling if a person actually has a concussion or not. Athletes are very competitive and would not want to sit out. They would try and argue that they are fine and are able to keep playing no matter how bad they feel. There needs to be more evidence to let the person keep playing. Doctors are trying to find an easy and correct way to tell. A new study called, "The imPACT test aims to guide return-to-play decisions by measuring a student-athletes "baseline" during the preseason...