Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies Essay

A conch may seem ordinary but you should never judge anything from its appearance. In William Golding's book, Lord of The Flies, the conch plays an important role throughout the story where kids get stranded on an island and fail to stay united and civilised. The conch is a strong object that symbolises 3 main things. It represents power, civilisation and leadership as it helps the kids stay in order and be disciplined. The conch shall be responsible to keep the boys well-organized.

In this short story, the conch plays a major role especially when it represents power. In this story, the conch represents power during assemblies. When everyone gathers in an assembly, the one with the conch has the power to speak and everyone must listen to him. "That's what this shell's called. I'll give the conch to the next person to speak.

He can hold it when he's speaking."(Golding, pg33). In this scene Ralph explains how the person holding the conch has the power to speak while the others don't. In order to speak, you must have the conch. As you can see, the conch gives power to the holder to speak in front of other and express their feeling and opinions.

Civilisation is one important thing in today's society and the conch is one object that encourages that idea on the island. In this book, the boys use a democracy based theme, where everyone gets to say what they think about someone or something. Everything also runs on voting like when they chose the leader. "We'll have rules!" he cried excitedly (Golding, pg33). Jack proclaims that making rules will help this crowd be civilised and that the conch shall be the main object that shall call meetings. Therefore, you can see...