Lord of the Flies and A Doll's House, Humans with power lead to evil.

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"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power," said by Abraham Lincoln. The statement above is clearly true. Hitler is one example of proving this statement to be accurate. He had complete power of the German people and he used it to harm others. He tortured innocent people, he could do that only because of all the power he had. In both Lord of the Flies and "A Doll's House" Abraham Lincoln's proclamation is proven to be true.

"A Dolls House," by Henrik Ibsen demonstrates Abraham Lincoln's quote through two characters, Torvald and Krogstad. When Nora borrows money from Krogstad she is giving him the power. He uses it against her by blackmailing her into trying to get his job back. He is characterized as a ruthless, insensitive person. On the other hand there is Torvald who is a caring and loving husband and father.

When he find out what Nora has done and is put in power he is about to disown her, he cares more about the physical aspects of life such as his reputation and money. But Krogstad ends up giving the contract back to Torvald and he quickly begins to forgive Nora for everything she has done. Seeing how Torvald acts when he looses power shows her a completely different side of him that she has never seen before, she cant live with a "stranger" so she leaves him. When in power both men were complete opposites then how they were shown at first.

Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, also exhibits this theme. When the children have the power they try and act responsibly. Ralph, the leader, makes rules and gives some of the children designated jobs to do. Mid way through...