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Under extreme circumstances and even in everyday life people can change mental states. This can also effect other people and their society. In the book, "Lord of the Flies," by William Golding, this is proven true. A boy named Jack Merridew and many other younger boys were in a plane that crashed at sea by an island with no adults and no rules. To them it was PARADISE, but everyone knows that a perfect paradise comes with a hefty price. Jack's price was his state of mind, and how it went from civilized to rebellious, and from rebellious to savage.

As Ralph blew the powerful conch, Jack and the other boys gathered around him, and they discussed how they were going to live on their so-called "paradise." Jack so boldly suggested that there should be rules and one person who would lead them, and that they could still have fun but focus on being rescued.

When the boys voted for the leader Jack really thought he would be chosen, but they chose Ralph. Jack was a little upset but he went along with the decision. Their plan for civilization was working well and all of the boys seemed to still be having a good time. Including Jack, who was happy and inspiring the others to work together as a team.

Eventually after eating only fruit the boys became tired of it. So Jack said he would gather a group of hunters and go find meat. When he finally got his first pig it made him almost obsessed with hunting. It was all he thought about or did. Being rescued was no longer in the picture, just running around in war paint killing pigs. Killing made him feel powerful and in charge. Later on, the other boys were noticing how much...