Lord of the Flies - Book vs. Movie

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Lord of the Flies Olivia Lovewell

The novel Lord of the Flies by William Goulding and the 1990 film starring Balthazar Getty, Danuel Pipoly, and Chris Furrh recount the story of Ralph, Piggy, and Jack, school boys on a trip. The 3 boys, along with maybe about twenty-five others, are on a plane headed home when they crash on an uninhabited island. The boys elect a chief to lead them, Ralph, and try to survive. All seems to be going well with Ralph as chief, until Jack wants the power to rule the boys himself, and will do anything for it.

The novel and the film version of Lord of the Flies are similar in only a few general ways. The plot is almost the same, a group of school boy's plane crashes on an uninhabited island. Forced to take care of themselves, they elect Ralph as leader, since he is the most sensible and reliable.

They struggle to get food, water and shelter. Soon enough, troubles arise in the group when Jack craves fun over keeping the group safe, something Ralph doesn't want. The two boys argue about their different views on how to lead the group.

While the novel and film is similar in only a few general ways, there are many differences. In the book, the boys are all British, making them use a different kind of terminology. In the movie, they are all American, and instead of fancy British words, cuss a lot. Another major difference is that in the book, the plane crashed for unknown reasons. All the boys know is that it went down in flames. In the movie, it was shot down by a missile. Another thing is that in the book, the plane's pilot had drowned in the ocean upon impact.