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The book,"Lord of the Flies" parallels exactly to the horrible accounts of the Holocaust.

It took place during the same time, and many ideas and events are very similar. The Holocaust was a huge inspiration on Golding's book, and like the Holocaust,

Golding creates a setting, that's in a sense, secret. They also both took place during World War II. Just like in the beginning, when the boys first landed on the island,

before the Holocaust even began, the boys were unified as one tribe. However,underneath the surface, problems were rising. Piggy was referred to only by his derisive nickname, much in the same way as Jews were stripped of their real names and called 'Jew bastard'or 'kike'. "You're talking too much," said Jack merridew, "Shut up fatty." Laughter arose (Golding 21) This is only one of the many examples of the boys degrading Piggy. Jews weren't ever treated quite as fairly as Germans.

They were discriminated because of their race,religion, and mostly just because they were living a better life than the Germans. Ralph was the leader. He thought things out with his right hand man, Piggy. Together they were very intelligent, and were respected by most of the boys. Ralph who represents Neville Chamberlain, who was England Prime Minister before World War II was infamous for allowing Hitler to invade the Sudetenland without consequence. Jack would represent Adolf Hitler. He wanted power, and would do anything to get it. Like Hitler, Jack was a very good public speaker. He said what people wanted to hear, that they would have fun, and eat meat, in a time when meat sounded very good to the boys, when they were on the verge of starvation from hunger. He took advantage of his abilities to hunt and the weakness of the...