Lord of the Flies - From Merridew to Savagery

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From Merridew to Savagery

The angels of God are perfect; they don't do anything significantly harmful. "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary" (Jackson Madison). If we were all angels, there would be no crime and no need for government. Our consciences' would not allow us to harm or break laws. Angels made by God were not perfect, not incapable of wrongdoing. Lucifer was the highest angel but committed the highest sins. He attempted to make himself equal with God. Angels were giving free will to make choices. Just as mankind. We examined this quote while in class because we think in Lord of the Flies jack's transformation is related to this quote. Because Jack listened to his conscience there would be no reason to have rules made by government, in this case Ralph.

In the novel, Lord of The Flies, Jacks transformation from a civilized boy to a violent savage is evident through his change of morals, his overall demeanor, and drastic changes that he makes to his appearance.

Jack values power the most, because he likes being the ultimate decider of the boys on the island. "Simple arrogance because I'm chapter chorister and head boy, I can sing C sharp" (18). It is obvious that Jack wants to be the leader of everything because he is self centered and does not agree with anyone. He tells all the boys "Call me Merridew" (17). By calling Jack by his last name, he is indicating that he knows he is better than anyone on the island and he is more "proper." Calling people by their last name is the more proper and polite way to approach someone. "They knew very well why...