"Lord of the Flies" Movie Review.

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The movie version of "Lord of the Flies" was generally a good movie considering the year it was produced in. Unlike a lot of other movies from it's time period it did have a lot of annoying flaws and other filming issues that could have been easily avoided.

On the contrary the film did show lot of positive factors; for example this movie's characters were very similar to who they are and how they act (personalities, likes dislikes, values) as to the characters portrayed in the novel. I found that this relation made the movie interesting to watch and is one of the most important attributes a film should have, if there was a novel that was written before the film. I found the setting/scene of the movie to suit the situation very good as this as well matched the description of the "island" in the novel. For example it included attributes like a lagoon, rocks by the beach, a mountain, tropical forest; the only feature

Unfortunately the movie had many negative factors that made the interest level of the movie decline.

There were way too many little nitty-gritty elements of this particular film. First off the ending of each scene couldn't have been more boring, which was the "amazing" black screen for the end of each scene. I think that there couldn't have been a lamer thing in this movie, because I can't think of anything more annoying then seeing the black screen at the end of each scene over an over again for the hour or so the movie lasted. WHAT! Made the black screen so annoying was the fact that it lasted for 10-15 seconds after each scene. I felt like I was watching this live..lol, and the actors were reading over their lines for...