Lord of the Flies-Ralph vs Jack By: Tan Ly

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Ralph and Jack had a little in common but aside from that they are completely opposite from each other. Both of them were boys, they were at the same age, the wanted control, and they were goal oriented. In the beginning they were friends and Jack obeyed to Ralph's type of government which is democracy. But as the relationship advanced, Jack began to have different ideas from Ralph and they grew slowly apart. When Jack and the hunters caught their first pig, they were excited, and brought it home to their small village. Ralph, at home, saw that none of the hunters watched the signal fire so it went out and unfortunately at that time a ship was passing by. Ralph was ed off and yelled at Jack when he returned with the pig. Jack didn't care about the signal fire and he was angry that Ralph yelled at him so he decided to take his ideas to the next level.

He started to rebel against Ralph and eventually he formed another tribe and grew completely apart from him. Ralph followed the path of good while Jack followed the path of evil.

In the beginning, Ralph was the chief; had the conch. He represented order and civilization and he tried to act as a grownup. He cared for everyone in the group including the littluns. He wanted to form an organized democratic type of government where everyone was treated equally. He had the conch that represented power and leadership and he used it to call for a meeting. He made up the rule that however hold the conch got to speak. His top priority was to get rescued. He ordered everyone to build a big signal fire so if any ships happened to pass, they would see it and...