'Lord of the Flies" by William Golding.

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding - it is about the first chapter and the 3 main characters in it - piggy, ralph and jack merridew

i believe that improvements could be to add a bit more detail to the character, maybe more symbolism

Lord of the Flies

Chapter 1 - Characters


The first impression that I get of Piggy is as a follower. This is because it sounds as though he is always behind Ralph and calls fro him to wait up.

Although she is not present on the island with him, he obeys his auntie by not running due to his asthma. He also tells Ralph that has been wearing spectacles since he was three, showing as though he is the type of child that is usually made fun of because of his appearance. He too ate some fruit on the island, which gave him diarrhoea.

When he got up again, he shuffled his way towards Ralph again. This shows that he was following him. As he reached the terrace, unlike Ralph, he had to lower himself down from it and couldn't jump of it because of his weight.

When he told Ralph about being called 'Piggy' in his old school, Ralph laughed at him. Although he was being made fun of, we can notice that people didn't recognize him much because at this, he grinned reluctantly at so much recognition.

He copied Ralph, by taking off his shoes and socks to go into the warm water. The actions of Piggy, 'carefully' placing his clothes on the ledge suggests that he was more organised and cared more about his clothes than Ralph did.

As a child, his dad died and he 'lost' his mother. Therefore, his auntie gave him sweets in replacement for love. He could...