Lord if the Flies A reflection

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The parents were supposed to be the authority. They were sensible with a well functioning society. Yet their fears caused them to degrade to the same state as to boys of the island. Their foundation crumbled, so did their values causing them to fight with one another. If someone is given all the freedom they want, and can revolt against the rules, their evil will come out. Social status melts away and they become savage. The similarities between the society of the boys and a cultured society, such as competitiveness, destructiveness, and violence existing in both, suggest that the problems that plague the boys are those that are present in society during this time period. There is the same division of, and quest for power, the same fear of new technology used for inhuman purposes, and finally a society ending in collapse. Hence these elements suggest that William Goldings? Lord of the Flies is reflecting upon the turmoil that existed during the Cold War.

Different types of power, with their uses and abuses, are central to the story as are during the Cold War. There are two main types of powers that seem to try to over take one another throughout the coarse of the plot and the time period. The first being the Democratic power, represented by Ralph in the novel. He is a natural leader, the sort of intelligent, well adjusted, athletic boy who easily becomes the idol of his schoolmates. He is quick to assess the situation of the boys in realistic terms. He sees what must be done for their survival and rescue and sets about arranging parliamentary meetings, this is evident early in the novel when they are about to choose a cheif "Jack started to protest but the clamour changed from the general wish...