" Lord Jim" by Joseph Conrad.

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Lord Jim

Lord Jim, written in 1900 by Joseph Conrad is a tragic heroic novel portraying the main character's (Jim) unsuccessful attempts to escape his cowardice past. Jim was brought up in a religious English family, his father being a parson. Throughout his youth, Jim was greatly fascinated by popular literature, especially heroic sea novels. His fascination resulted into great love for the sea, and later his father sent him to a merchant marine academy. During all the years he spent at the sea, he constantly dreamt of doing something heroic; but once the opportunity was between his hands he failed to take advantage of it. His failure became a shadow, which haunted him away from England, then from every other port in the East Indies until he finally settled in Patusan, a dark hidden place.

Marlow, a sea captain who identifies himself greatly with Jim, narrates the third person dramatic point of view.

Marlow has absolute control over the novel and above all, Jim's fate and destiny. Marlow can refer to the past, present, and future all in one paragraph; ' ...He sat down and, with both elbows on the desk, rubbed his forehead. "And yet it is true-it is true. In the destructive element immerse." ....He spoke in a subdued tone, without looking at me, one hand on each side of is face. ....The whisper of his conviction seemed to open before mea vast and uncertain expanse, as of a crepuscular horizon on a plain at dawn- or was it, perchance, at the coming of the night?' Due to his control, Marlow manipulates the novel creating juxtapositions highlighting certain parts of the story. Marlow foreshadows Jim's final fate several chapters before it actually occurs. In addition, Marlow's narration is of different levels of reliability; since a...