Lord Of the rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

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The book that I have read for this book report is "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" This book has a suspenseful and adventurous feeling about it when you read it. The genre follows the feeling and is an adventure-like book with many suspenseful and surprising parts.

The protagonist in this book is Frodo Baggins to whom most of the tasks and problems are dealt out to. He is a short dwarf-like character who has hairy feet and is part of a rich and well-known family of a race of people called Hobbits in Middle Earth. He is very friendly and likeable. The antagonist in the story would probably be the 'dark lord' Sauron. He is the evil mastermind who wants to take over Middle Earth with his armies. As you can tell, he is evil and deceptive and will try anything to take over and destroy the good people.

He is tall, dark, and scary.

One of the main conflicts in this novel is person versus person where Sauron sends out people to capture Frodo and Frodo and his friends keep escaping them all the time. Another main conflict in the story was person versus self where Frodo has to decide if he should leave his friends and companions to save the rest of the continent or go with them and try to help out in another way.

In this novel all of the characters including Frodo live on a big continent; Middle Earth, and on this continent there are many cities and deserts and forests and plains which add to the setting and mood greatly. There is no story without the description of the beautiful cities and wonderful lands described here. This novel has the time-setting of an old age where technology isn't...