Lorenzo Medici True Rennassance Man

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"Whoever wants to be happy, let him be so: about tomorrow there's no knowing". I am the greatest patron in the world. Oh yes I'am the richest man in Florence as well. I got most of my money and power because of my love for art. I'am the one who supported Leonardo da Vinci and Georgio Vasari. I lived in a time called the renaissance witch meant the rebirth or revival. The renaissance started after the middle ages. The renaissance was a new age where people loved art, painting, sculpting, and of course music. The main idea that was born during the renaissance was "Humanism" witch meant man is the measure of all things, in other words humans are the centres of the world. Before the idea of humanism all the men and woman and the children of all ages were very dependent on god. So not only did humanism change many things it also got people thinking in many different ways.

Another idea or "drawing" that was born during the renaissance was "everyman" witch was the idea of my very, very good friend Leonardo da Vinci, witch I supported. Everyman is a drawing of a man inside a circle and a square "it kind of looks like this (draw on board) this drawing sent a message to people, the message was that within every person whether it's a man or a woman there is geometric perfection in all of us. So therefore I Lorenzo Medici the biggest patron of the renaissance and the biggest supporter of Leonardo da Vinci I'm a true renaissance man.

I Lorenzo de' Medici was born on January 1st 1449 in Florence Italy or as some people called it the centre of trade. I am the son of Pierro de' Medici and the grandson...