Los Angeles Museum of Art Review.

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Los Angeles Museum of Art Review

Entering the museum felt a bit odd because my mother and my two younger siblings accompanied me, and they never come with me to museums. I wanted to laugh because I did not feel that this situation was serious. But, as I became engrossed in the paintings, along with my mother, it all started falling into place.

The first of the six buildings that we saw was the Ahmanson building. In that building we saw all of the Plaza level. It displayed beautiful American furniture, art, ancient art of the America's, and many arts and crafts. The furniture was one of my favorites because I found it to be simple and elegant. My favorite painting was one by Julius Stewart called 'The Baptism'. It had much detail and realty to it. It also portrayed something that is very common to me in a different manner.

I enjoyed it mainly because all the works came from an era that I wished that I could have lived in.

Afterwards, we went to the Anderson Building were we saw a wonderful exhibition of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Most, if not all, of his paintings depicted something religious. Many of the scenes my mom knew for she is religious. I really liked his paintings because of the way he portrayed things. He made you feel the emotion of the character and they were all of things that my faith has been teaching me as I have been growing up.

I found the Contemporary Art of that building rather silly. For most of it seemed like it was simple to make and I found no depth in it. The highlight of that room was a mirror display. As we walked to it, it just seemed like a bunch of mirrors...