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CAST: 1 female, 5 males

an Americanized Mexican, during Reagan's term as governor, searches California for the "perfect" token Mexican model to fill the political post

The setting is "Honest Sancho's Used Mexican Lot and Mexican Curio Shop" and The six characters are intentionally stereotypical and superficial. Sancho has specific "models" on display, including a farm worker, a street-wise dude, a bandit and a "vendido" (i.e. a sellout, an acculturated Mexican-American. The use of the verb, "vender" in various forms, including the title, changes its meaning according to the particular context.) Another typical "sell-out", a "Miss JIMenez"--(a deliberate distortion of the Spanish accent)--who is a secretary from the then Governor Reagan's office, has come in search of a "Mexican type for the administration."15 She finally decides on the Mexican-American model who then breaks out of his complacent role at the end and encourages the three other models to turn on Miss JIMenez and on Honest Sancho.