"Loser" by Jerry Spinelli

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The book I chose to read is "Loser" by Jerry Spinelli. The book is about the difficulties of growing-up. The main character is Donald Zinkolf. In first grade his teacher told the students how many years until the end of twelfth grade. In second and third grade his teachers did not like him. In second grade he delivered fake mail to people on Sunday, with Donald’s dad. In third grade he had a major operation. He got his stomach turned right side up so he didn’t throw up all the time.

In the second third of the book Donald Zinkolf goes through fourth and fifth grade. His teacher in fourth grade really liked him. He put the kids in reverse alphabetical order for seating, so Donald would be in the first row! Field Day, Zinkolf ‘s team looses because he came in last in the race. In fifth grade his teacher doesn’t like or dislike him.

On field day he skips school because nobody wants him on their team. He goes to an old ladies house for the day.

The last third of my book was very funny. In sixth grade he went to middle school. He got b’s and c’s. Donald met his old neighbor Drew. (formally known as Andrew). One night he goes looking for a little girl until 1 a.m. She was back in her house at 7:30 but Zinkolf didn’t know that. The police were looking for him not the little girl.

Loser, by: Jerry Spinelli, was very well written. I give this book five out of five stars. I would recommend this book to anyone. I would read another of Jerry Spinelli’s books.