Losing the Youth of Education Strings Farther than Text

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In the novel, Mister Pip, by Lloyd Jones, the characters of the story face many real world issues including war on their island. The issues that connect with the war can be related to many contemporary issues that people suffer from in the world. One of the characters in the novel, Matilda, specifically expresses the closing of her school and the loss of education in her life due to a constant threat of attack from the Redskins. The events in the novel can be accurately compared to the situations of children living in war torn societies today, specifically children in Syria affected by the Syrian Civil War. Children's lives are affected daily on a long term basis through the termination of education in times of active treats and conflicts.

Education has taken a "huge toll" during active wars in countries.

It almost used as a "weapon of war to terminate schooling" [...] "due to constant threat and evacuation" of schools. "Schooling and education had risen over the past decade" for Syria, as prior to 2011 statistics state that over "93 percent of children were enrolled in primary schooling". Following statistics state that "67 percent went onto a secondary education" and improved learning almost by "5 times". Now, as of November 2013, "90 percent of Syrian children between ages six and seventeen are displaced" from their "original education" and are estimated to be out of school. The toll this has taken on society hasn't been a pretty one as the youth becomes older.

Crisis in Syria has been growing to historical proportions for a Middle Eastern Civil War. The education has had an "equally great crisis" bestowed upon itself due to more than "three-thousand schools" left damaged to the...