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Loss is the failure to hold or keep something. There are different degrees of loss, but they may have the same meaning in the end. Loss can be the lack of a feeling that should be present in certain situations. The feeling may still be there, but not as strong as you want it to feel. Any kind of separation from a person describes loss. Losing someone in a relationship or by death is very disconcerting to many people. Losing material possessions can be a grievance depending on the possession. Any type of loss has an effect on people.

The loss of a feeling can create grief and confusion. Walker Percy explains the significance of the loss of sovereignty in "The Loss of the Creature." Percy demonstrates, through a few short stories, how people can lose a feeling of great discovery that should be present. A man who traveled to the Grand Canyon could not fully appreciate what he has seen because he knew that the canyon has been there for many years and has been seen by many other people.

To him, the canyon is just a tourist attraction. "The source of the sightseer's pleasure undergoes a shift (Percy 566). If the man had never seen a picture of the Grand Canyon or even taken a different path on his way to the canyon, he may have appreciated it more. A couple traveling in Mexico stumbles upon a local tribe performing a ritual. Without thinking twice, they seek a professional opinion rather than watch the rare sight before them. A student in a biology class dissects a dogfish, but loses the thrill of discovery when a professional prods around, making the student realize that he will find nothing new in his dogfish. Since the student's teacher has dissected the...