Loss of a brother

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Word Case Analysis: Loss of a brother.

For the case analysis, I chose an interview with a young lady found on YouTube discussing the loss of her brother.


Riley (sister) was very close with her brother, being born one year after him. They were very close growing up, almost like twins and in Riley's words, 'people got us mixed up all the time' to reflect the deep level of connection they shared. They would spend hours together just 'hanging out' happy in each other's company. Riley held her brother on a pedestal trying to emulate every footstep he took as she viewed him as setting the benchmark she aspired to reach.

Travis (brother) was a gifted young man, able to pickup and master sports easily and generally excelling at every aspect of life he tried his hand at. Travis was the cool kid in school, a part of the popular group in school, a social butterfly, making friends easily and strengthening his old with his humorous antics and light hearted way.

On the night Travis attempted suicide, Riley spoke to her brother before bed. He seemed fine, his light hearted self; later that night Travis hanged himself in his bedroom. Riley woke the next morning to find her brother had been rushed to hospital that night and was on life support. Riley went to hospital and spent the next agonizing several days being bombarded with hospital jargon she did not and could not understand in her current state of distress and cognitive breakdown. During the days spent in hospital, Riley completely withdrew from everyone and anyone sitting off by herself going through her own personal hell waiting and hoping for Travis to pull through. Travis stayed on life support in hospital for ten days before his family made the...