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Storm clouds were gathered on the horizon. Fear gripped my heart. I was slowly losing hope of ever finding my way out of this maze. Darkness was about to fall and I needed to get out of the Jungle...

The aeroplane had crashed! I awoke dazed, confused and sore. Everything was a blur. As I took a deep breath it all came back to me . The faulty gauge, the wing coming off and finally the crash! How lucky I was to survive! However, I hadn't the faintest idea where I was.

I reached for my pocket knife but any attempt to cut through the thick foliage proved futile. If only I could find a clue as to where I was! Then it would lead me home. Still feeling the after-effects of the crash, the thought of home spurred on. It was a destination I had to reach, at any cost, despite the huge obstacles that I faced.

Home was where I wanted to be.

"Crack", "Grrr", lightning followed by thunder! Explosive and terrifying! The sound of an animal in the distance brought upon me a new wave of fear. What animal was this? Would I survive a plane crash only to be devoured by a crazy carnivorous animal? Definitely not! Before nightfall I must find my way out.

Another two hours were spent wandering alone, my eyes droopy and stomach grumbling. I was still lost, when all of a sudden I remembered the wise words of Kinana, the famous Indian chief:

"Follow the heart and you will find home". I braced myself, took a deep breath and retraced my steps.

As I reached the crash-site once more I realized my silly mistake. I had forgotten to test if the radio was still working. To my amazement it still...