"The Lost Boy" by Dave Pelzer

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It is hard to imagine the trauma and hardships that David Pelzer went through as a young child and it is amazing that he survived through it all. As a group we read the first book of David Pelzer's trilogy, A Child Called It. This book really sunk into our hearts and the imagery used in the book helped to put a clear picture of the dysfunctional household that David lived in. It was really hard to put down the book while we were reading it, because we were always in constant suspense has to what David's mother was going to do to him and how David would survive the abuse. Luckily, at the end of the novel David is saved by a teacher and taken from his abusive household. David is now put into the foster care system, and this where the second book, The Lost Boy, takes place.

One thing that we did not expect from this book was for David to still be living a hard life. Foster care is no walk in the park. It is a sad and unstable lifestyle for these children and David was a prime example of the effects foster care has on a child. Throughout the whole novel, we were always hoping that David would finally find a home and family that loved him. It was hard to picture David bouncing back and forth between five foster homes and still battling with his mother interfering in his life. As readers of this novel, we just kept hoping that David would find some happiness in his life. It was even sad to see that he had a hard time making friends and even just taking pride within himself. He was such a confused and emotional wrecked little boy. It really...