The Lost Boy & Fears

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The Lost BoyThe children keep on hidingthe days keep on passingthe man keeps on growingwithout knowing who he isthe kid he kept locked awayin a place so darkeven light cannot be seentill this day that man is oldbut the kid he left in the darkis still young and lostso is the man with all of his yearsthey are both one in the samehe found himself todaythat young boy is becoming a manits not so dark now, light is all he seesand the dark is forever goneand the man and boy both foundwhat they were missingThemselves!FearsYou ask if I'm alrightbut I don't respondyou think nothing of ityou think nothings wrongyou make me want to dieand you make me want to cryI tremble when I hear her nameI become scared when I see her facethough I see it every night within my mindthe pain becomes confortit becomes what I amand is what I've becomea tortured soulfilled with lies and deceitflushed away with the nothingness inside mewhile she sits therehappy and smilingshe sits there dead