The Lost Day

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Section A-question 1.

The main character in The Lost Day is a 19 year old male called Vinny who lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and goes out every Saturday night with his mates. Vinny's father died when Vinny was young so he lives with his mother. The novels main focus is his disappearance for a day and how this incident causes enormous change.

Vinny and his mates always went out Saturday night to get away from things. They went to a night club in King Street called the Hanging Gardens. They always go there because Sam works there and they did not want to make him feel out of it. There was a strong relationship with the four friends and you get the impression that they would do anything for each other. Although Vinny was annoyed by Jasper at times, "Two months ago, his mate Jasper and his girlfriend Lucy had split and ever since then, Jasper had been going on about it, on and on and on."

Besides that Sam, Josh Jasper and Vinny were really good friends. You were under the impression that Vinny was the glue that stuck the four together because he had no major problems in his life.

Vinny and his mum seemed to have a very close relationship with each other. Vinny cared about his mother and wanted her to have a little more fun. Before he left to go out he suggested this, however his mother was happy where she was. Vinny's uncle Barry was a strange individual. He did not dress well and he rode his bicycle everywhere because he did not believe in public transportation. Uncle Barry is the type of person you would look at as he rode down the street but Vinny seemed to understand and...