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PART A: related text analysis:"LOST IN TRANSLATION" 2003, Written and directed by Sofia Coppola:Sofia Coppola's Academy Award Winning "Lost in Translation", made in 2003, is centred around Bob Harris and Charlotte- two Americans in Tokyo. These two characters are experiencing negative consequences of their physical journeys, literally feeling "Lost in the Translation". The problems experienced include isolation, underlying assumptions about physical journey and cultural clashes and communication barriers. As a result of these commonalities Bob and Charlotte cross paths and strike up a friendship, once they begin to share their physical journey with each other it becomes a positive experience.

Coppola utilizes a high camera angle depicting Charlotte at her hotel window alone, sitting in the foetal position far above a vast view of Tokyo city. This shot appears repeatedly throughout the film and it highlights Charlotte's feelings of insignificance and isolation as results of her physical journey.

This sense of isolation is palpable throughout the film and exists in the scenes where Bob and Charlotte attempt to contact those back in America.

In each of these scenes the voice on the other end of the telephone is faint, barely audible, highlighting the distance and isolation of the characters from their loved ones. Bob's wife tells him she's glad he's having fun, demonstrating the underlying assumptions that a physical journey of this kind would be enjoyable- Bob in fact cannot wait to get back to America. To this Bob replies "It's not fun… It's just very, very different." Through this dialogue Coppola highlights that a physical journey is not always pleasurable, rather it is more an experience of the unknown.

Coppola utilises physical humour to highlight the isolation and frustration due to cultural clashes felt by Bob as a result of his physical journey, such as in scenes in the...