LOTF Reasoning For The Change In Attitudes Towards Savagery

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Ralph's View Point Having landed to this place , I have lost my sense of security, and have developed a sense of fear. The only thing that I can remember was that of the crash, little before that. My feeling of loneliness is greater than ever before felt in my own lifetime. I have an obvious fear of my well being as I in England have obviously had little experience to cope with such conditions. I have never been so close to nature in the real sense. I have realised that this is about survival and that I must adapt to my surroundings.

I have found another survivor of the crash, a fat boy of my own age, surely he will be of no good to our survival? But we must, in these conditions settle for what we have. Having had an intense conversation with this other boy , I have realised that he has a wide knowledge and unlike me seems to be a realist (as when I said that the pilot would be back to rescue us "he shook his head" to my disappointment) , as opposed to a optimist.

Now I am beginning to lose that horrible grip of fear, and even in these conditions am starting to realise the full potential of this place. While we were investigating the place, the stout boy was constantly coming up with ideas as to what to do, the only part I heard was that his name was "piggy" which is a stupid name if I ever heard ( his name isn't actually piggy but that was what they used to call him at school and that is what I shall call him, to his unreasonable dislike). Piggy seems to be a real strange person at times, he says he has an ill ness call "ass-mar" or something. We had found a lagoon, in which place I believed appropriate to cool down and take things into perspective.

Shortly after I had entered the lagoon I found an attractive shell, I had found it for it's beauty, but the boy next to me who investigated the shell said that it was a "conch" and that it could be used to call the other children. Although Piggy has some good ideas he also is very irritating, always interrupting my thoughts and actions such as when I was inspecting the conch and Piggy had the nerve to tell me to be "Careful" otherwise I'd "break it". Being an interesting object I blew the conch, which made a noise just like that of a horn. Piggy had the idea of using this conch to call possibly other people around this place, we could also have a meeting on our survival. I blew the Conch which made a relatively poor noise. Yet again Piggy interrupted my thought with the notion that I should blow from my abdomen, he carried on about his friend did this and that and just about everything! After many tries I had got the hang of this and am proud of my ability to do this.

Soon after my efforts the first child came to Piggy, but I still have to blow for the many more survivors. Many boys are now making their way to us, from seemingly miles away. There seems to be a group of choir boys who themselves seemed superior in there uniformed way, they are almost intimidating. So now the meeting members were settled, they had all arrived now and things have to be sorted.

I believe that I have made my greatest mistake, to gain attention I made fun of Piggy's name, I thought by doing I would show my stance as a high rank, but all I feel is guilt having humiliated someone who, really has been good to me. Jack is speaking in a superior tone to me, I believe he is competition if there is going to be a leader, I should be leader. There is to be a vote for the leader, Jack is protesting, only because he was about to assume power and Roger interrupted him. Having won the vote I must organise the group, to avoid confrontation I have given limited power to Jack and his choir so that they do not rebel against us. The big three in this group are myself, Jack and Simon, therefore we should go investigate the island, Piggy also wishes to come but I cannot let Jack see that I associate myself with Piggy when Jack hate him, Piggy is upset again about his name and it being declared to the group, using my new leadership skills I told him "better piggy than fatty" then continued to investigate.