Essay by Bob LietkaA, February 1997

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On my way home on Friday night I stopped at the 7-11 on the corner of 70th & Havelock, and bought a lottery ticket. I picked the numbers that my spouse and I always pick. I then continued to go home.

The next morning (Saturday) I got up and took my shower, dressed and ate breakfast. I then sat down to balance my checkbook and saw how low the funds were. As I sat back to think of a way to make more money I saw the lottery ticket on the table. I began to fantasize on how it would be to win the lottery that was at one hundred million dollars. When I started to think on how I would spend the money, my family came in and interrupted me as well as returning me to realty.

That night my spouse and I put our kids to bed early, so we could watch the lottery on TV. After wrestling the kids to bed, we went back into the living room and made our self comfortable on the couch. We then began to talk about how exciting it would be if we won the lottery, as well on how we would spend all the money. The talk consisted of where we would go and how to invest it, and what type of vehicles we would go out and buy, along with our new house. Then the phone rang and brought us back to realty, af-ter the phones call we both agreed that it would be to win, but it will never happen.

As we sat there on the couch, the lottery came on the TV. Suddenly silence fell over both of us as they started the machine that holds all the lot-tery balls, my adrenaline started pumping,