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1. In "The Lottery" the author's presents the style of the story to be rather submissive. Jackson describes the villagers as being very obedient because they are too afraid of changing the law of that village. Instead of saving lives the village decides that they will not break the tradition of stoning a fellow villager.

2. An example of the style that Jackson uses in this story is "...but no one liked to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the black box." The villagers have fears that breaking a tradition will bring about an end to the village. Also, the author shows that the present day villagers have fears that if they were to end the lottery, a very important tradition for the village that the order and civilization of the town will come to an end.

3. A memorable quote from the short story is what Mrs. Hutchinson screams, "It isn't fair, it isn't right."

This is so memorable because she speaks up in the beginning of the lottery and says that fair is fair and to go ahead and draw the person to be stoned. In the end Mr. Summers draws her name from the box and whenever the bad happens to her fair isn't really fair.

4. The central characters in the story are Mr. Summers and Mrs. Hutchinson. Mr. Summers has the job where he draws names out of a box and the dots on the papers decides who will be stoned to death. He believes that there is justice in the world and that traditions should not be altered. Mrs. Hutchinson is a woman whose village throws stones at her because she draws the paper with the dot on it and yells that it isn't fair that she is...