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Adding alternative fuel vehicles to the fleet is essential to our environment, beneficial for our consumers, and potentially highly profitable for Lotus Rental Car. With the everlasting increase in fuel, the consumer is looking for alternative ways to save money on fuel and at the same time be conscious about the negative impact that fuel and diesel have in our environment.

Alternative fuel vehicles have never been more popular in the U.S. and are becoming a major source for public transportation. Our community has become educated about the damaging effect in which gas and diesel vehicles have been causing our environment. These vehicles are more environmentally friendly and are typically more cost-effective to produce. Therefore, it has a great financial impact to the common family. Alternative fuel vehicles can help our consumers save money on gas while simultaneously impacting our environment in a positive and healthy way.

If Lotus Rental Car is aggressive and proactive in the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles, it will become the first major rental car company to lead a successful path to the future. Lotus Rental Car will become the model company of the new rental car era. We will decrease expenses, expand the variety of a new customer base, increase revenues through the new continuous revenue stream and sponsors. As a result of your new and wise investment, our company's market shares and profits will soar to a new company and industry records.

A new division to our marketing department will be established to help promote the importance of renting from Lotus Rental Car. The marketing department will incorporate the benefit to our environment along with the potential savings to our consumers. The brand new marketing campaign and strategy will help...