The Lotus Sutra

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The Lotus Sutra is a special teaching about what is considered to be the transcendent Buddha. It depicts a sermon by the Buddha to the assembled bodhisattvas, and other beings in which he teaches the basis of Mahayana Buddhism. He emphasizes the goal of becoming a Bodhisattva, and the notion of realizing one's own Buddha-nature. The teachings of the Lotus Sutra are very influential, and are one of the most powerful and popular sutras among Mahayana Buddhists.

In the Lotus Sutra, Siddhartha stands on top of a mountain and speaks to the Bodhisattvas, and Buddha's on how to live a life like him. He vowed that if one believed in him, and reached out for him, he would help them. He promised that all can be saved and will be saved, but all must have faith.

In Mahayana Buddhism, it is taught that every individual, without exception, possesses the life condition of Buddhahood and is capable of attaining enlightenment.

The Budda teaches that all people, as individuals, possess the tremendously brilliant and indestructible life of the Buddha. Any who believe, and follow, can call out to the Buddha and he will guide them. In order for the Buddha to help, you must live everyday with compassion for others. The Buddha is known as a saint, because he is one who devotes himself to benefiting others.

True Emptiness and wonderful existence is one of the most important concepts in Buddhism. Anywhere is the same as everywhere, and now, then, never and forever are all one. No one exists alone, and everything one does, affects someone or something else in this world. We are taught to preserve life, and to live in peace, etc., not kill and pollute the environment.

The Lotus Sutra is a very simple way to live life,