Louis Vuitton's brand values.

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1.1 Louis Vuitton: An Analysis of the Company

Louis Vuitton, a trunk-maker in Paris since 1854, built up his legend around

travel by creating luggage, handbags and accessories that were as innovative

as they were elegant.

The brand itself has embraced new innovation whilst cultivating its traditional

roots thus allowing it to remain at the forefront of the luggage and accessory


The Brand takes part in major events that share in its taste for excellence. the

Louis Vuitton Classic event bring together the most prestigious cars in the

world, and the Louis Vuitton Cup, an essential part of the America's Cup,

designates the best Challenger and prepares them to take on the Defender of

the Americas Cup.

According to their financial report found on their website,

www.louisvuitton.com, the company is constantly expanding and now includes

14 production workshops, 287 exclusive stores, 31 of which offer ready-to-

wear, shoes and leather goods, and 107 which feature shoes and feather

goods, and has 7,857 employees throughout the world.

In 1977, Louis

Vuitton was merely a small family business with sales under $20 million.

Fifteen years later, the $1 billion mark was attained, a significant proportion

of why it has reached this target is due to the astute marketing strategy that it

has implemented.

2.1 Louis Vuitton Customers

The fact that Louis Vuitton has grown is quite phenomenal considering the

fact that they are expensive in relative and absolute terms. Moreover, they

are identified by Dubois and Claire (1995:68) as such when one considers

them to be "trivial" products, without any clear functional advantage

over their "non-luxury" counterparts. As a result, many producers of luxury

goods tend to believe their clientele comes primarily from upper income

classes. Evidence of this was gained from Stanley (1988:8). Indeed, the

managerial practices of...