Louis XIV, of France, in comparison with the Stuart Kings, of England.

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Louis XIV of France vs. the Stuart Kings of England:

Why did the Stuart kings fail, and Louis XIV succeed?

William Jefferson Clinton was one of the greatest presidents to govern the United States as opposed to the Bush's. Clinton proved to the world our preeminence by way of control, economic growth, and policies ranging from Israel to social security. The Bush's proved to the world that they won the election. Louis XIV and the Stuart Kings also compare in similar ways. Louis XIV was a sound leader whose foresight and character led to the greatness of France, along with delegating authority to great economic and military leaders. The Stuart Kings possessed no foresight or character, many thought of them as stupid and stubborn, and the way they governed their country was reckless. Louis XIV prospered through absolute control, economic growth, and military reform. Where as, the Stuart Kings failure was due to no real control, economic turmoil, and civil war.

The most important factor in the success of Louis XIV and the failure of the Stuart Kings was control.

Louis XIV achieved absolute control through supervision, location of nobility, and the image he portrayed to his subjects. Louis XIV always took the time to find out what was going on in public and private matters by means of spies, tale-bearers, and even written correspondences. Even a whisper of wrong doing and Louis would ruin those whom came under suspicion. After the Fronde (1648-1652), a rebellion against the government of Louis XIV, Louis learned that he needed to keep his nobility under control. He accomplished this by requiring his nobility to attend his court in Versailles, where he could watch over the nobles and make them study such things as etiquette. They were too busy learning to plot against him.