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"Love is something spoken, and it is only that: poets have always known it" can be an arguable statement. Shakespeare and many other poets/ writers argued how love could be expressed. They believed that love could only be expressed by words. But on the other hand many people, say that love can have many faces of expression. That verbal expression was only one of many pieces of the puzzle. Love, a "puzzle" also needs emotions, and manner of treatment to be complete.

Love, is a stir of emotions, there must be a lot of emotion in a relationship. This particular item is the standard backbone and building block for every relation and is the first step on solving the "puzzle." Emotions can lead into what will occur, how you feel, and etc. that very moment/or for a large amount of time. Men and women basically respond and react the way their emotions are.

(For example, the if emotions are negative about another, the subject would not respond with great interest or care.) Having the right emotions is critical in the manner in which you treat someone. To love some one there must be proper treatment. There must be equality, affectionate expression, and shivery. Overall there must be communication in order to be a step closer to love. Nevertheless, this could also fall in the category of caring for someone.

Communication can only go so far. There must be other ways of expression. Affection in a relationship cannot be just by word of mouth. There must be physical and psychological connection between the couple. For example the male can go up to his companion and not say anything and still display love. (Or vise -versa) Just by looking, holding, kissing, and major sacrifices, etc. These methods are perfect examples of different ways of pronouncing that bond between each other.

Many poets/ writers argue that love is just something spoken and that it is only that. Shakespeare as a writer/ poet wrote many stories about love and tragedies, but yet how can he understand what love is when he himself walked out on his family and went on. Mostly just trying to make money out of writing stories. He himself just wrote the plays as a form of entertainment, not for a way of describing love.

In conclusion, love is a beautiful thing that can't be translated and described onto ink. Not even the very best could interpret love, as it should be. Love should be expressed by communication, also emotions, and manner of treatment to complete and establish the "puzzle".