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The word love has been around since the beginning of time and in this day in age it still has the same meaning as it has always had. However, now days there are more ways in which our culture uses the word love. If one was to say "I love you" or "I love it", is he saying that because he truly means it or is he simply saying that because that is what he thinks is the right thing to say? Love is the deepest, most meaningful word one can say about someone or something, however, the way we use it in our culture is far beyond the true necessity of the word. The true meaning of the word love out of Webster's Dictionary states "love is a powerful emotion felt for another person, manifesting itself through deep affection, devotion or sexual desire". An unknown author's quote about the word love says "real love hurts; real love makes you totally vulnerable and open; real love will take you far beyond yourself; therefore real love will devastate you.

If love does not shatter you, you do not know love." Unconditional love is the most powerful type of love; yet there are other types of love we use in our culture today, such as: love for food, animal love, love for the game, and also teen love, which some people refer to as "puppy love".

Unconditional love is what a mother possesses for her child, what a husband posses for his wife, or what a religious person posses for God. Unconditional love is the strongest compared to all other types of love and has the most sentimental meaning. Unconditional love is the strongest feeling one can posses for another and is the most thought of kind of love in today's world.