What is love?

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Christine Malfitano

Did anyone ever think about the word love and what it really means ? To many

love is the very powerful word that means to hold someone or something so

dear and close to ones heart that they treasure it like nothing else. It usually is

something that holds a position of being more than liked, with some exceptions.

Though the general meaning of the word has not had a significant change over

time, there are some very interesting meanings that are far from the idea of being

so precious to someone.

In conversation, most people use the word love to describe the way they feel

about certain objects. Everyone is guilty of using love to describe numerous things

that they truly do not love. For example, everyone has been asked before, "hey,

want a drink?" and the standard reply would be: "Love one!" Once it is in ones

possession it is not loved like family or friends.

Why does the English language

use this word to describe a feeling that is so personal, and dear to someone's heart

that it could not possibly be used for anything ordinary? This can not be answered.

There seems to be a void went it comes to describing the way many feel

about object that fits somewhere in between like and love. Instead of increasing

the meaning of like, one tends to bring love down in meaning to express their


There are many different types of love and ways it is expressed. Shown to us in

the bible, are three different forms of love . The first Greek word for the kind of

love that Jesus first asked Peter was Greek which is agape love. It chiefly means

doing and caring for some one as much as one cares for...