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To accept the Computer model of the human mind theory is to think about inputs and output one would have to put inside the computer. But I will have to first define what Romantic Love means to me. There are three different varieties of love: passion,commitment, and intimacy. It is an ideal love but difficult to attain. Romantic love begins suddenly, creating instant intimacy. It is blind and often one-sided. Romantic

love is often uncertain and fearful of rejection; it is exclusive, possessive, and jealous. For example one might wonder, "When my beloved tells me that he loves me, do I wonder what that means? Do I wont something more than mere words to convince me that my beloved really loves me?" Romantic love feels like a fantasy trip, that one imagines as a fairy tale. Romantic love creates an illusion of being oneness, feeling that two became one and can understand and feel each other without communication.

Romantic love has a reach imagination; it is being in love with love, it is like watching a movie. Sometimes Romantic love depends on manipulation, "Do I sometimes wonder what I should do to make my beloved fall in love with me? Do I say or do enough things to bring about the response I want from my beloved?" Romantic love is the most ecstatic feeling and always sees the beloved as perfect. Sometimes it causes violent mood swings, preoccupation and distraction. Romantic love is an overwhelming experience that sometimes may cause compulsive thoughts and feelings. It is the most important thing in life. Romantic love includes suffering and when it's near its end, romantic love tries to hold on to any shred of hope because it is temporary when it is over, it sometimes becomes hatred. In conclusion, one would...