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What is Love? What is this thing called love? This, not so simple, question begs for an answer. The symptoms of love are familiar enough. A drifting mooniness in one's behavior and thought; the fact that it seems as though the whole universe has rolled itself up into the person of the beloved, something so wonderful that no one on earth has ever felt about a fellow creature before.

Love is ecstasy and torment, freedom, and slavery. Love makes the world go round. Until recently, scientists wanted nothing to do with love. It is life's most intense feeling. Anger and fear are emotions that have been researched in labs and can be quantified through measurements such as pulse and breathing rates, muscle contractions, etc.

Love cannot be charted or measured. Anger and fear have a definite roll in human survival, love does not. Since it is possible for humans to mate and reproduce without love all the swooning and sighing is beside the point.

Up until the past decade, scientists assumed that love was all in the head. Now research has become more intense. This may be because of the spreading of AIDS, and that casual sex carries mortal risks. Others point to the growing number of female scientists and suggest that they may be more willing then their male colleagues to take love seriously.

Whatever the reason, science has come around to a view that romance is real. That it is bred into our biology. We have always been influenced by love in our culture. It is a dominant theme in music, television, films, novels and magazines. It is a commercial bliss. People will do or buy anything with a promise of romance. Does this imply that love is just a false emotion that we picked up after...