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In quarrels against my sister, she would ask me the question of what smells better, appears more precious, remains more beautiful, and are just simply smarter. The obvious answer to my sister was women. My sister and I were at the age of adolescence; we emphasized many hypotheses without any basis. In High School, my female Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Ms. Sheehan, was also another individual who advocated the importance of women. Ms Sheehan stressed that women had smaller brain but they have more connections between the cerebral hemispheres and a higher density of brain cells in the frontal and temporal lobes which controls thought and emotions. In relations to Pam Houston's How to Talk to a Hunter and Ms Sheehan's lessons, the female gender has a more powerful sense of cognition with their environment better than the male gender. There are many key distinctions one may make between the gender differences.

The Hunter is the man. He takes the life of wild animals to add to his trophy collection. His catches include moose, deer, elks and other dead animals which a woman would never take life from. The Hunter is a very selfish individual. He takes the hide of a dead moose to keep himself warm in the winter or as a covering for the woman to wear to pose for his camera. The woman if selfless; she sacrifices her needs to fulfill his when she gives away all her freedoms to live with the Hunter.

The woman is left living in anguish when problems arrive in her relationship with the Hunter. Throughout Houston's short story, the woman clearly identifies her problems in her relationship. The woman was able to make the correlation of the strange calls, the empty nights, and the change in her male partner. The man does not notice the change in his female partner besides the decreasing time they spend together in bed. "You'll wonder if he knows that the nights are getting shorter now," writes Houston.

The woman has friends who are somewhat empathetic of her problems. This is a distinction between men and women of how women talk about their problems with other people. The women received several advices. The friends advise her to leave the Hunter. From the guidance, the woman looses faith for the Hunter; another distinction of how women often take advices from other people and prioritize the advices.

Though nothing is directly stated about the Hunter since everything is pretty much just assumed; the voice of the man is not heard; which display the man's inability to discuss his problems. The man tries to correct his problems with the relationship by finding other partners secretly without the consent of anyone else. The Hunter leaves the home to hunt for more catches. He prizes on the new Janie Coyote. Janie Coyote may be many things, including the man's ultimate goal for self-gratification, his vice, or his resolution to the problematic relationship.

In conclusion, gender differences are the main factors which run through the society, the community, and literature. If women and men were the same then conflicts between the two would be decrease when the women and men understand each other better. The norm will be that a man will have inner urges similar to the Hunter when he seeks a polygamous relationship and women will be left at home hoping for a monogamous one based on Houston's argument.